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Hardwood Bedroom Sets

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  • CM7550 Lawson

    CM7550 Lawson

    Dimensions: Dresser L63.5 D17.8 H34.3 Mirror L36.5 D1.8 H47 Night L23.8 D17.8 H26.5 Chest L38 D17.8 H52
  • CM7400 Jocelyn

    CM7400 Jocelyn

    Dimensions: Dresser L59 D15.8 H36.2 Mirror L42 D0.8 H37 Night L23.6 D15.8 H23.6 Chest L34 D15.8 H48
  • CM7300 Ian

    CM7300 Ian

    Dimensions: Dresser L54.8 D18 H41.9 Mirror L36 D0.8 H32.9 Night L23.6 D18 H25 Chest L31.5 D17.5 H47.2
  • CM7100 Lillian

    CM7100 Lillian

    This bedroom group includes built-in lights, beveled mirror accents and faux crystal hardware. The group also has a silver edroom collection features...
  • CM6580 Jaymes

    CM6580 Jaymes

    Dark finish wood with padded ribbed headboard features footboard storage for extra space and convenience. Dimensions: Item L D H Dresser...
  • CM6515 Jacob with Drawers

    CM6515 Jacob with Drawers

    Drawers Included with the CM6515 Bed Dimensions: Dresser L60 D17 H38 Mirror L44 D1.4 H37 N Description: Bedroom Group with storage drawers. ...
  • CM5500


    Dimensions:   Length Depth Height Dresser 60 17 37 Mirror 49 1 40 Nightstand 24 16 28 Chest 32 16 50  
  • CM4700 Evan

    CM4700 Evan

    Dimensions: Dresser L55.1 D16.5 H38.4 Mirror L44.9 D0.8 H35.6 Night L22.3 D16.5 H23.7 Chest L31.5 D16.5 H47.2
  • CM4550 Stella Storage

    CM4550 Stella Storage

    Available in King or Queen Dimensions: Item L D H Dresser 58 16.5 37 Mirror 40.6 1.1 38 Nightstand 23.6 16.5 24.8 Chest 30.1 16.5 50.8 ...
  • CM4380 Galinda

    CM4380 Galinda

    Black sleek contemporary style platform bed with clean and contoured lines, silver bar pull hardware on cased goods and a split padded headboard.....